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At Solar Orthodontics, we know a healthy optimal smile allows a person to reach their maximum potential in life… so we want to help every person we can achieve just that!

The science is simple. a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 57% of people say that a smile from a stranger makes them want to smile and can improve their day!  An astounding 88% of people say that smiling makes them feel good about themselves and improves their mood.  Unfortunately, if you have crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite, you may be hesitant to smile and show off your teeth.  A beautiful smile that you are confident in will help improve your day as well as others that you see.

Why Choose Invisalign

Orthodontic appointments can be scheduled to work around your busy lifestyle. As well, you are free to easily remove your clear aligners when you need to eat, brush your teeth, and floss. Invisalign treatment is designed to fit your budget and lifestyle so that you can continue living life the way you want. At Solar Orthodontics, we can help you enjoy a better smile every day – without anyone even knowing that you’re receiving orthodontic treatment!

  • Invisible
  • Convenient
  • Flexible

How Invisalign Works

Step 1

Consultation Appointment

When you come for your initial consultation at Solar Orthodontics, you’ll notice right away that we are patient-focused and value open communication between the patient and the orthodontist. We will show you a 3D scan model of your teeth and the possible outcomes after treatment. Together we will discuss your orthodontic options and decide whether or not Invisalign treatment is right for you. At this time any questions that you have about the procedure, costs, and aftercare will be addressed.

Step 2

Customized Treatment Plan

Its time for Dr. Dernisky to utilize her skills in creating an efficient, custom treatment plan to give your mouth a healthy optimal smile.  Don’t worry you get to sit back and relax during this part, let us do the work.

Step 3

Start Wearing Your Clear Aligners

Your aligners will arrive and we will make an appointment to place your attachments to show you the what to-do’s of treatment. All you have to do is wear them, with the ease of removing them to eat, brush and floss.

Step 4

Advance Every 5-7 Days

Every 5-7 days, you’ll simply switch out to a new set of clear aligners, which will be working to gradually shift your teeth into place. Check in with your Solar Orthodontics team about every six weeks so that we can evaluate and monitor your treatment progress and make adjustments accordingly.

Step 5

Reveal A New You

Ideally we like to finish all our treatment in under a year. At Solar Orthodontics we don’t want any surprise costs at the end of your treatment, this is why we include 5 years of retainers in our fee’s. Retainers are worn at night time only and for the rest of your life (only if you don’t want your teeth to move)



2929 Barnet Hwy #1136
Coquitlam, BC
V3B 5R5